Be Deemed Too Short to Play Basketball, Michael Jordan Proves Himself as NBA MVP

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Michael Jordan is no doubt the greatest basketball player since he shown up. Being powerful, speedy and competitive, he redefined " What is the NBA superstar like".

Michael Jordan

Jordan tried to join in the school basketball team in his sophomore year, however, he's considered to be too short {he's at 5'11" (1.80 m) at that time} to play basketball at that level.

To prove his capability, he got several 40-point games. And he grew four inches (10 cm) in the next year and had more strict trainings. After earning a position in the basketball team, he got averaged 25 points in his final two seasons. At his senior year, he took the opportunity to join in the 1981 McDonald's All-American Game and got 30 points in that play (averaged 27 points, 6 assists and 12 rebounds per game).

Michael Jordan

After his graduation, he's moving towards to his dream as a famous basketball player gradually. Here we'll list some major accomplishments and grades he gained: Rookie of the Year;NBA champion (6 time); NBA Finals MVP(6 time); All-NBA First Team (10 time); NBA All-Defensive First Team (9 time); NBA All-Star MVP(3 time); Ten scoring titles, etc..

Michael Jordan and awards

An enthusiasm to basketball makes Jordan a legend in NBA, though he's regarded to be too short to play basketball at first, his way to prove it is his strength in this field - win more scores and points. So what's your dream for recent years and do you find your way towards it?


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