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3 PCS Color Lenses Magnetic Sunglasses  Over Optical Glasses;

Optical Glasses Includes Anti-blue Lens, Myopia Prescription Lens;

It Can Be Used As Myopia Glasses, Anti-blue Glasses Indoors;

When You Are Outdoors, It Can Be Used As A Prescription Sunglasses And It Has 3 Color Sunglasses Lenses Easy To Replace.

Jim Halo Clip-on Sunglasses Are Fashionable And Versatile Glasses.


Frame material




Lens material




 Jim Halo is a fashion eyewear brand for young people from 20-30 years old. 

Designed by the Jim Halo French Design team, following the latest fashion trend.

Model Freedom-JH, magnetic clip on,with polarized lens, for man from Jim Halo Basic Collection.

Skin Friendly Material: JIM HALO purchases the raw material from the supplier of essilor . The glasses are made of environmental & skin-friendly materials. It make you the most comfortable when wearing Jim Halo eyewear. 

Perfect All Around : Jim Halo glasses are designed for holiday, daily life and office occasion. .

Jim Halo eye-care lens: JIM HALO cooperates with the lens supplier of essilor. It uses anti-glare lenses can block 100% of both of UVA and UVB rays. to protect your eyes against long-tern UV damage and keep your eyes healthy when you go out.

2.How long can I get my package

For free shipping, it usually takes 7-15 days to arrival in your address, if you have any problem please contact us at our Email

Country / Region

Estimated Arrival Time


United States / Canada

7-10 Days

Western European Countries

8-15 Days

Russian Federation

20-35 Days

South America

16-35 Days

Australia / New Zealand

7-10 Days

Southeast Asia

7-10 Days


3. Refund Policy

JIM HALO offers a full refund for full-priced product within 30 days of the delivery provided the following.It is in a resalable condition with two tips as below:
a.  isn’t worn out
b.returned with its original package.



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Nathan G.

I buy this clip on sunglasses to avoid the blue light during my reading of manga, and I have immediate comfort (I have no problem of view). Since I can read a long time in the evening, the brightness of the lamp is like diminished, really good, it really works. Same on computer. I can not do without it

Danyal H.

Product arrived on time. Very pleasantly surprised, very little / no changes in color with the clip on sunglasses (being a graphic designer is an important detail...) after a few days of testing the product seems quite suitable to me in terms of fatigue reduction. To finish the customer service Jim Halo is just perfect and very nice, no doubt I would go back to them if necessary and I strongly advice. Well to you who had lost 3 good minutes of your precious time to read this comment, but I hope it is useful.

Stephanie .

Purchased because I pay games and gaming glasses in my view are overpriced. The packaging is very neat. Regarding the effect and usefulness of the product, I am fully satisfied! Indeed I spend my days in front of screens and my eyes tend to tire. With these clips the feeling of tiredness is mitigated and the impression of "forcing on the eyes" disappears almost instantly. I really recommend this product!

Susan K.

Easy to put on and I got used to the tint very easily, to the point that when I remove them, I find the images of the TV very bluish and harder to watch. Very good protection against the blue lights of the TV that damage our eyes and keep us awake. The size is right. No reflection to report. Product has very good quality. It's really perfect! I do not regret one second to have put 50 dollars! I recommend!


2nd product from JimHalo, still amazed by this brand. The clip on sunglasses is very convenient and fits really easily with the frame, you can even take it up without detaching it to recover its normal vision (very convenient because I spend my days processing photos under Camera Raw and Photoshop). Is the product effective? Yes ! We feel less visual fatigue is obvious. Is it really anti blue light? I do not know, but it works and relieves the eyes! It comes with three clip ons,it’s like changing the style of glasses. I recommend without hesitation!