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COLOR: nesgold


Everything's always clearer in Cannes-JH. The oversized sunglasses with mask lens, giving us a fashion look. Undoubtly, it is a great choice among women sunglasses and mask sunglasses.

Oversized Sunglasses


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 I’m Jim. If you were to sum me up 3 words, it would be sunny, energetic and youthful. My positive outlook on life has helped me to conquer many difficulties, and I wanted to share this feeling with others through my eyewear brand. I wanted people to express their personality and feel inspired. But I was faced with a problem.


I was so damn picky with my designs.


I would like the frames for one design, but not the lens; I would like the lens on another design, but not the frame; I would love the frames and lenses on yet another design, but the overall look would fail to inspire me on a deeper level. And if I was this picky about my own tastes, who was I to dictate what styles consumers had access to?


That is why at Jim Halo, we want you to be the designer of your own sunglasses. Find the styles and lenses that speak to you, and we’ll make it yours. We value the individual and always look to spread passion and positivity to our customers. Life is way too short to put up with something you don’t love - and that includes glasses. Seize the mother (bleeping) day and make it your own!


Sun's The Limit!

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Doesn't change color quality, and seems to work well.


Happily Surprised!


Im pretty finicky about the sunglasses I purchase. I have at least 20 pair (avg cost $20) some of them still with tags. However, I usually wear a pair of high end ones, but they've seen better days. I go nowhere without sunglasses because of eye issues. I ordered two pairs of the large sunglasses on Amazon Prime Day. I was able to compare the measurements on sunglasses that I currently own, so that was a plus. Otherwise I wouldn't have taken the chance. The sunglasses are quite nice and dark enough. The frame design is very fashionable and I'm able to wear them just about anywhere. I absolutely love the case they each came in (sturdy and nice) because I try to take care of my stuff, but you know how that is. I've only had them a week, so I can't say if they're durable although they seem pretty sturdy. I ordered the dark lenses with silver frame and a black frame. I'll probably go back and get the brown lenses so that I can match with whatever I'm wearing. Great purchase!


I have lived all my life using sunglasses.The best ones I ever bought were in Hawaii


Excellent Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Potentially make everyone who wears them cool as hell. But there are some defects. It's very easy to leave fingerprints or anything on either side of the glasses and not that easy to remove. And the two hinges' springs have different rates so they open to different angles and stay imbalanced on your face if you don't adjust them by hand. And the mirror front doesn't really reflect everything and people can see your eyes if looking carefully

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