At Jim Halo, we believe in being kind to your eyes,true to your personality, gentle on your wallet, and good to one another. Because we want you to shine when the Sun does - from the inside out.

We get it, sunglasses are just as often used as fashion accessories as they are for actual UV protectlon, and we know what It's like to suffer through lens glare for the sake of style and moderate pricing. But at Jim Halo, we want to merge fashion and functionality back together. We want you to be bold in your eyewear while being kind to your eyes.
And why stop with your eyes? Spread that luminosity. The world is bright, and though we know it can be harsh in some lighting, we want you to see its potential through our lenses. So put on your shades, spread some light, take on that radiant day ahead of you, and rock your Halos.

Go ahead, look on the bright slde.

Company Name: Zhejiang Maisiwei Trading Co., Ltd.

Address: South End, 3rd Floor, Building 1, No. 24, Beiwei 2nd Road, Ouhai Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

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