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  • Orders

    How do I know which eyeglasses to order?

    For you to determine the type and size of your eyeglasses, you will require a valid eye prescription, along with the pupillary distance. Now, what is pupillary distance, and how does one measure it? So, pupillary distance is simply the distance between your pupils counted in millimeters. You can calculate it yourself, or ask your eye specialist to do so. If you wish to measure it yourself, follow the below process.

    • Place the millimeter ruler on your nose bridge by looking in the mirror.
    • Ask someone to measure the distance between the centers of your pupils.

    The pupillary distance of most of the adults is 55-65. Your pupillary distance will help us center your prescription correctly in frames.

    How do I change or cancel my order?

    You may change or cancel your order before we deliver it to you. The simplest way to do so is by sending your order information and the intended product details to our email, and we will handle the request in 2 working days.


    Where do I check the status of my order?

    Please following the below steps to know the status of your order.

    • Sign in into your account on
    • Click on ‘Orders’ from the menu.
    • You will see your order information right in front of you.

    In case you require any further assistance, get in touch with us at


  • Fit

    How do I know whether a frame fits me or not?

    • Pupils must be near the center of the lens
    • The lenses mustn’t go beyond the side of your face.
    • Your eyebrows must not remain inside the glass.
    • Your cheeks shouldn’t push the frame up when you smile.
    • The frames shouldn’t slide down your nose.

    Where do I find my frame measurements?

    All our frames and most of them from other brands as well have numbers printed on the interiors of the temple arm. To know how well a pair will fit you, we recommend you compare the measurements of your current glasses to the frame measurements mentioned on our website.


  • Lens Types

    What type of charged lens do you offer?

    1. Single Vision Anti-blue light) (USD29.90)

    2. Transitions (Light Intelligent Lenses) (USD35.90)

    3. Prescription Sunglasses (Polarized) (USD39.90)

    4. Anti-blue light Lens (without power) (USD19.90)

    We respect your time, and therefore we’ve selected the best lenses for you, and you have one option for each lens. All the above lens types offer the following features.

    • 100% UV protection
    • Superior clarity
    • Thin, light and impact resistant lenses.
    • Harmful blue light filter
    • Anti-scratch, anti-reflective and oil resistant.

    Visit for more information on lenses.

    Is it possible to only order lens?

    Yes, it is. If you’ve purchased a frame with us in the past, you will only be required to send us your previous order information to help us cut the lens appropriately. Once we cut the lens, we will deliver it to you. However, you will have to wear the lens by yourself.

    In case your existing frame isn’t from Jimhalo, you can purchase the lens from our store located at 61 Rue Saint Denis, 75001, Paris, France. This is because we will have to check your frame physically and then cut the lens for you.

  • Prescriptions

    How to get a prescription?

    1. Book an eye examination with us.
    2. Get it from a local optometrist/ ophthalmologist. Ask them to mention the pupillary distance on the prescription.

    Is it possible to order multiple pairs of sunglasses with different prescriptions?

    Yes, it is possible. You may order multiple pairs, for instance, one for yourself, one for your spouse, and so on. However, in case you wish to order multiple pairs of sunglasses, you will be required to place a separate order for each prescription. Remember, shipping is always free, and hence, you need not worry about being charged extra for separate orders.

  • Shipping

    When do I receive my order?

    Normally, you will receive your order within 10-14 working days. If you want an order received within 7 days, you can pay USD10.00 to enjoy a faster shipment.


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