We at Jim Halo do 3 things really well. Personalized sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and super cool clip on sunglasses. We balance the balance the line between personal and fashion to get you in to a pair of sunnies that is personal, but also damn good looking too.
Personalized Sunnies
This is what most of our customers know us for. You know if you show up at our doors you're going to get a pair of sunnies that you love because you can personalize them just for you. Select your frames and any color sunglasses lens you like and walk out of here with your own personalized fashion statement. If your looking for a special lens or frames you don't see then send us a message and we'll take a look for ya. 
Prescription eyeglasses
We know that not all eyes were made equal and not everyone was blessed with the perfect 20/20 vision that we all once had. Jim Halo lets you guys select if you want an optical prescription lens, the level of blue light rx prescription you need and all kinds of other spicy jazz to help your eyes out while looking cool.
Clip - On Sunnies
We all have days when we're not sure if we're taking the chicken or the steak at dinner. The good news is at Jim Halo you don't need to pick, because we are all about the individual. So if your thinking of changing lens one day, no need to swap out a different pair of sunglasses, just grab one of our clip on lens and swap on the fly.