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Color: gold

Aulnay Aviator Optical Glasses is different from the others! This advanced aviator eyeglasses are classic fashionable. You will love it! A frame made from a stainless steel for a perfect touch of class. Moreover,  it features blue Light technology to block harmful light from screens everyday and everywhere.  Of course, you deserve a better optical frame to express your individuation and also protect your eyes.

Aviator Optical Glasses
Jim Halo blue light glasses

Jim Halo

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We strive to deliver your glasses as soon as possible, so please make sure to enter the correct address and include all required information. 

Handling Time

For sunglasses and normal prescription glasses, the estimated timeline for processing your order is 2 business days.

If your prescription is a multi-focus prescription lens, it may take up to 4 business days for us to process and ship your order.



You can track your order via the order fulfillment notification email we send you upon purchase. Click here and enter the tracking number provided in your confirmation email.

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I got these glasses in the 0.00 since I didn't need any type of script / magnification and my main use was to game with them...I tend to game for long periods and after staring at my monitor for long times, I found my eyes watering and feeling worn down, so I decided to block some of this blue light and see if it helped and boy did it ever...I barely notice they're on when I'm gaming and I don't have watery or tired eyes after my usual stretches.


I liked these glasses so much I immediately ordered a second pair so that I have one with magnification and one without. The lenses are crystal clear, you barely notice the yellow tint. The glasses are sturdy and comfortable. They come in a bulky case, but iit is not unattractive and protects very well. Not sure if they will improve my sleep quality or not, but I immediately noticed that they soothed my eye strain while using my computer and smart phone.


Highly recommend.

Brittany S.

Bought the reds and the green ones. Good packaging, quality is very good. Very happy with my purchase, I would not hesitate to order again.



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