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Color: gold

Bernice-JH is a pair of Blue Light Filter Glasses, artistic glasses for women and eyeglasses for men. Its pretty round shape go wild in tortoise, gold and silver. Designed as a computer glasses, blue filtering lenses help you prevent headaches, blurry vision, and other symptoms of digital eye strain. It is a must-purchasing  anti blue light prescription glasses, perfect for young people. 

Blue Light Filter Glasses
Jim Halo blue light glasses

Jim Halo

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We strive to deliver your glasses as soon as possible, so please make sure to enter the correct address and include all required information. 

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For sunglasses and normal prescription glasses, the estimated timeline for processing your order is 2 business days.

If your prescription is a multi-focus prescription lens, it may take up to 4 business days for us to process and ship your order.



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I sit at a desk a lot at work and have been getting migraines for years. decided to take a gamble on these to see if they would help and so far the only thing I have notice after 3 weeks of use is my eyes are not so tired anymore. if anything my eyes get sore like after a work out a little, but its like a good workout. I don't normally wear glasses so I got the 0.0 ones, blank frames, so maybe its my eyes getting use to looking through lenses?


Very pleased with this.

Andrew S.

Product I just received. Very light. I can not wait to use it on the highway at night. I am going for 8 hours a day. The last time with standard my eyes were a little tired because the sun was coming from the sides. This blue light glasses really helps. There is a model to put in the evening. Just be careful not to scratch and wash with water and soap and blow on it so as not to scratch the glasses (my technique).




But I love them!! They took about 2 weeks for me to get used to them in total. After only one whole day, my eye fatigue was remarkably better, and after three days my eyes seemed to be normal again. The first few days, taking off the glasses did give me an instant headache if my eyes were open, so I started closing my eyes before and during taking them off, and that seemed to work. I've had these now for a couple months and don't usually work without them.

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