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Color: demi

This blue light glasses is the ideal balance of fashion and function. Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses #Brian is light and with great contours with 3 colours available, black,demi gray and demi red. Need a pair of glasses to give wings to your style with Paradiso. This acetate optical frame,hand-polished  is a not bad choice.

Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses

Jim Halo

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I work in front of a computer 90% of the day, 5 days a week. I noticed my eyes felt heavy and tired as soon as I got in my car to drive home after 9-10 hours of work. A co-worker suggested these glasses to perhaps help with eye strain. I purchased them without knowing how they will look on my face but I did use the face shape demo on the site, so I had an idea. They arrived, as ordered, within 2 days. As soon as I started using them, I was amazed by how well they relieved my eye strain! Very happy!


I have a massive head and these make my head look small!


I had to quit working in computer based office work years ago. Why? Because computer work 8+ hours a day was causing blurred vision, double vision, eye strain, eye watering, headaches, and mistakes. My employer said, you need glasses. Yes, I did need glasses. But not prescription. I really needed something that blocked blue light. But the eye doctor didn't address that. Hence, my bi-focal glasses did not stop or prevent my problem. They were helpful, but did not stop the eye strain, watering, blurring, and double vision. No one diagnosed the problem as work related, and caused by continuous computer screen work. Fast forward, I left office work and went back to my standby job in college...a job that doesn't require constant computer attention. What is that you ask? Bartending. BUT. I am still on the computer, phone, tablet to have a life. And, I STILL HAVE TROUBLE. That manifested when I was a computer worker. So, I found out about these glasses, and ordered them. They are incredible for me. I am fine tuning my reader level...am I a 1.0, or a 1.75?. But they block the blue light which was the source of all my trouble. And, I am FINALLY able to be on my computer for more than an hour without watering eyes, blurred vision, double vision, and headaches. I also take a Billberry supplement, and Lipotriad (also sold on Amazon and I will take it the rest of my life!). Conclusion for me, these glasses have given me back long hours on the computer and my phone, the ability to deal with LED screens without crying, and confidence that it's not me...I'm not going blind....I just need light blocking glasses. I love them.


Tension headaches gone. AMAZING


Highly recommend.

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