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$9.90 $39.90
Color: yellow

Clear Round Glasses #Borg is an oval pair of glasses, quite and interesting. Its matte acetate material matches any look.  Be trendy and stay truly yourself!


Clear Round Glasses

Many people buy prescription glasses or blue light glasses online. However, the addition of prescription blue glasses to anti blue light function at the general online optician store requires additional payment, usually $ 20-50.

JIM HALO is a Parisian brand from France, they value young and fashionable glasses, all prescription lenses of JIM halo have blue light filtering function, and you don’t need to pay extra to anti blue light function when you buy prescription lenses. Also, Jim Halo’s prescription lenses are also very cheap.

Jim Halo  blue light glasses
blue light glasses
Jim Halo blue light glasses

Jim Halo

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I was hesitate in ordering these not knowing what to expect BUT when they arrived a few days ago & wore them as I worked on a computer research project, I don't know how I worked without them.. No more eye strain..love it..I'm ordering another pair just in case I misplace these. They are very comfortable, durable, slightly tinted, & the 1.75 is perfect. Love the case & cleaning cloth...Thank You..


I was just passing by to pick up another pair and thought I should mention- looking at my Amazon order from Feb 2016, these have been in daily use 3 years and six months. I have abused them, misused them, showered with them, and I work in a power plant so they have seen all kinds of weird stuff over these years. I'm replacing my 1.75 pair because the combination of marks on the frame from the dog chewing on them and slag from welding and grinding is getting to be a bit distracting. I have no idea how the lenses are still pretty much scratch free. These are definitely a good buy.


I wish they had a less geeky design, something more streamlined like a pair of sun glasses. But they definitely work. By taking them on and off you can clearly see that they are taking out some blue. But not so much that it's like the color is way off. Just shifts the tint a little to a more brown color. But it's pretty subtle.


These glasses are my new preferred readers for using my computer! They are clear lenses (no foggy haze) and give only the slightest reflection of your eyes back to you through the lens-if you've ever seen your eyes' reflection in your glasses, you know what I'm talking about. They are lightweight and, most importantly, effective!


Been using them every day since I got them.

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