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Oversized Eyeglasses | Bayonne

Color: black

This pair of oversized eyeglasses, Bayonne, changes from aviator shape.  Now it is a full of style and personality.  The special yellow acetate tips make it stand out among men's glasses. We provide blue light non-prescription lenses and 3 blue light prescription lenses for Jim Halo customers to select. 

oversized eyeglasses
oversized eyeglasses
Jim Halo blue light glasses

Jim Halo

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We strive to deliver your glasses as soon as possible, so please make sure to enter the correct address and include all required information. 

Handling Time

For sunglasses and normal prescription glasses, the estimated timeline for processing your order is 2 business days.

If your prescription is a multi-focus prescription lens, it may take up to 4 business days for us to process and ship your order.



You can track your order via the order fulfillment notification email we send you upon purchase. Click here and enter the tracking number provided in your confirmation email.

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As most reviews have stated, there was a fair amount of skepticism when buying this product. Once it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a nice case, a microfiber cloth, and a curious little blue light-sensitive card as well as a little blue light. My first thought was, ¡°what kinds of loopholes can I find?¡± I first shined a flashlight at the glasses to see if there was a glare reduction. I¡¯m sure there are $300 anti-glare prescription glasses one could buy but for $20, I was impressed. The second thing I did was take that little card and held it up to various screens (TV/Computer/iPhone) to make sure that ¡°blue light¡± existed in the first place. I am very distrusting towards products I find online and am not hesitant to write bad reviews. Sure enough, the card glowed blue. To test the eye strain, I wore the glasses while writing lesson plans for the better part of two days. Eyes glued to the screen, I hardly noticed a difference whatsoever. Once I took the glasses off, I IMMEDIATELY realized what they did. And it worked. I got a small headache (a nuisance headache that did not require medicine. I¡¯m not a baby) after watching TV without the glasses because I was used to the lack of ¡°blue light¡±. I¡¯m dependent on these glasses in a way, now. I do sleep better but I really enjoy the lack of eye strain that plagued me for years as a result of staring at screens. For $20, you could buy a lot of unnecessary things that add very little if any value to your existence. I am glad I used that $20 to get these glasses. Not a life saver, but certainly an eye saver. Roll credits.

Remi .

I don¡¯t have a VSP Vision Plan, so if I buy a pair of prescription glasses in Los Angeles, it ¡¯s very expensive, more than $ 600, but I found jim halo on YouTube, and I bought 2 prescription blue light glasses here. And the quality is very good,They delivered my order very fast by DHL and I received my prescription glasses within 4 days, I recommend jim halo!

Alioune G.

fit for my prescription.

Lewis G.

Super satisfied with my pair of glasses, the price / quality ratio is excellent. Super nice for the summer, the look is great, perfect for men / women! The pair are good at the nose, the size is good, I highly recommend this product, nothing wrong!


Y asi utilizarlos como lentes del dia dia

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